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Is the faucet water purifier useful?

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The faucet water purifier not only effectively filters harmful substances such as heavy metals, estrogen (contraceptives) and pesticides in the water, but also improves the color and odor of tap water, improves the taste of drinking water, and reduces turbidity and chlorine content.

At present, water pollution is becoming more and more serious. It is necessary to use a faucet water purifier (filter). The filtered water is more reassuring for cooking, washing vegetables and drinking. The faucet water purifier (filter) was widely used in Europe and the United States in the 1950s. It was introduced to China in the 1990s. Now the production technology of the faucet water purifier (filter) is very mature, consumers don’t have to worry about whether it is useful or not.

Different types of functions are different.

There are many kinds of household tap water filters, such as simple filter, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, compressed carbon and other low-cost faucet water purifiers; there are also better, such as thorough filtration of tap water through reverse osmosis membrane Such as pure water machine; there is also an filtration water filter that filters tap water through filtration membrane to make it meet the standard of kitchen and drinking water. These different kinds of tap water filters have their own functions.

The role of the faucet water purifier

The faucet water purifier refers to a micro-purification device that is directly installed and suspended on a household faucet. It simply filters tap water through PP cotton, activated carbon, compressed carbon, etc., mainly for cooking, washing vegetables, washing faces, brushing teeth, etc. Purified water, the water of the general faucet water purifier is not recommended to drink directly, it is best to drink it after boiling.

The role of pure water filter

The pure water filter is the pure water machine we often say. The pure water machine adopts ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis technology, which can effectively remove calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter and heavy metal ions in water. It removes all minerals in the water and Impurities are filtered out, can be directly consumed, equivalent to the bottle of pure water bought outside, used to boil water without scale. The pure water filter can filter out all the beneficial and harmful substances in the water, suitable for families with more serious scale.

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