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What are the materials of the faucet

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1.All copper faucet

Pure copper faucet is made of copper, with chrome-plated surface, high gloss, high anti-wear and corrosion resistance. Mainly by its own copper content and process to distinguish the quality of the good and bad. The copper material that USES at plumbing profession basically is 59 copper, the figure represents to contain copper amount namely, contain copper amount to want higher density relatively more tall, component also is heavier, say weight so is one of standards that discern bibcock class.

In addition to copper, there are other metals that can be harmful to human health if lead levels are too high. The lead content of much faucet on the market now is in 3%-5% commonly, be aimed at this kind of circumstance, some manufacturer had developed the faucet of low lead type, its contain lead content can be less than 0.3%. Given that it is difficult for consumers to judge the amount of lead in general, and there are strict international regulations on the amount of lead in pipeline products, it is best to choose a faucet that has passed the relevant certification for the sake of your health. (TIP: turn on the tap for half a minute every morning to drain the water and avoid excessive lead.)

2.Alloy faucet
The price of alloy bibcock is compared with complete copper bibcock, the price wants a lot of cheap, and this kind of bibcock is easier large-scale production. What use in great quantities among them is zinc alloy, zinc alloy bibcock is harmful to human body, and very not durable. At present zinc alloy can be used to do the handle of faucet, and a few wei yu hardware pendant. Because zinc alloy electroplating craft is very mature, and the weight that some manufacturer can accentuate zinc alloy faucet intentionally, pass weight, appearance very hard so its and complete copper faucet distinction is opened. For the sake of your health, it is still recommended to purchase a faucet that has passed the relevant certification and evaluation authorities.

3.ceramic bibcock
The faucet of pottery and porcelain just by definition is the bibcock that pottery and porcelain makes. Compared with other faucets, ceramic faucets have no rust, no oxidation, not easy to wear the advantages. Appearance of faucet of pottery and porcelain is beautiful and easy, because shell also is ceramic product, can match with photograph of wei yu product more so, add the artistic feeling that pottery and porcelain tastes, foil the high-grade temperament that gives wei yu.

4, stainless steel faucet
Stainless steel faucets do not contain lead, and acid, alkali, corrosion, no release of harmful substances, will not pollute the water. It is understood that at present 304 above stainless steel faucet surface does not need electroplating, its surface only needs polishing can show its stainless steel true color, and can keep the luster of silver white, never rust, the hardness of stainless steel, toughness than copper products 2 times higher than. But the hardness, toughness, casting and cutting aspects of stainless steel than copper are much more difficult, high cost.

Above 4 big material are at present the faucet on market appears more, all sorts of material are qualitative each have advantage and disadvantage, the choice is used at suitable situation can develop the biggest use.

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