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What should I do if the winter faucet freezes?

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Due to the cold weather, when the faucet is frozen, we can’t force the faucet to force the faucet. Because the faucet is very brittle at this time, it is easy to screw the faucet. We can do some processing to melt the faucet.

1. With hot water
Wrap the faucet in a towel and then pour it on the towel with warm water below 50 degrees Celsius. After a few minutes, the faucet will naturally thaw. Note that you can simply pour the towel without wrapping it, or pour it with water above 50 degrees Celsius. Both of these practices can cause a direct burst of water pipes.

2.Heating equipment
Put a briquettes, radiator or electric heater near the faucet, raise the temperature near the faucet, let the ice at the faucet melt slowly, try to unscrew the faucet. If the water is out, let the water flow for a while and rush out. There is no ice that is completely melted.

3.Homemade faucet warm water bag
Put a proper amount of warm water in a fresh-keeping bag, fasten it, and place it on top of the faucet as a hot water bottle.

How to prevent winter faucets

1. The faucet is frozen, resulting in the inability to flow. The main reason is that the outside environment temperature is too low, so we can put a layer of cotton and linen fabric, old cotton coat or cotton wool insulation material on the faucet to prevent the faucet from being frozen by increasing the temperature of the faucet.

2. The freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius, as long as the environment where the faucet is located is higher than 0 degrees Celsius. The faucet will not be frozen, so before going to bed at night, the doors and windows should be closed. The glass is now thickened glass, the insulation effect is very good, as long as the doors and windows are closed, the ambient temperature inside the house will generally be 0. Above Celsius, this will prevent the faucet from freezing.

3.In order to prevent the faucet from freezing, we can tie the heating wire at the faucet and the water pipe, and use the heating wire to prevent the faucet from freezing.

4. If our indoor temperature is difficult to achieve above 0 degrees Celsius. When sleeping at night, we can close the water valve in the room, then open the faucet and let the water remaining in the pipe. The next day, re-open the water valve when you want to use it.

5. Another way is to loosen the faucet a little bit before the night to sleep, so that the faucet keeps dripping. There is water flowing in the water pipe, and the faucet will naturally not be frozen.

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