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What should we do if the faucet leaks

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Cause of water leak

To know why your faucet is leaking, you first need to know how your faucet works. The interior of a typical faucet consists of two main parts, a spool that controls the flow of water and a faucet gasket.

When the handle is turned to open the faucet, the gasket is pulled up from the valve seat, and the pressure forces the water to flow through the gasket and flow out of the spout through the hollow faucet.

When the faucet is tightened, the rotating shaft will push the gasket back to the valve seat, and the water in the pipe will not pass.

Therefore, when the gasket in the faucet is worn or damaged, a water-tight seal cannot be formed inside the faucet. A small amount of water flows out through the broken mouth and becomes a continuous and upsetting water droplet.

How to replace the gasket manually
Protect baths, washbasins or sewers
Before you start, be sure to put the stopper back in the sink to prevent small parts like screws from falling into the drain. And a towel should be laid in the washbasin or bathtub to prevent the ceramic surface from being scratched by metal tools. Of course, if local tyrants want to take the opportunity to buy a new basin or bathtub, they can ignore this one.

Step 2.Turn off the water
Use the isolation valve under the faucet to shut off the water in the water pipe. If there is no valve, the tap water supply can be closed directly. Then turn on the faucet to drain the remaining water. If you are worried about the water remaining in the water pipe, you can also turn on the kitchen faucet to help empty the water pipe.

Step 3.Remove the top
First, use a fruit knife to gently pry off the protective piece on the handle. This small piece is usually put on or glued with glue. Second, use a flat-blade screwdriver to unscrew the fixing screw on the handle. The handle is engaged with the longitudinal toothed sleeve, which can be directly pulled out with a little force, and the washer is at the lower end of the shaft.

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