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To prevent winter faucet from freezing

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Through this article, you don’t have to worry about freezing anymore. Come and learn with me to keep the outdoor faucet cold and warm!

1.The anti-freeze of indoor and outdoor water pipes, water meters and faucets can be wrapped with cotton, hemp fabric or straw rope, and can also be wrapped with foam sleeves;

2. The temperature is around 0 °C, before stopping the water in winter night, the faucet should be slightly opened to keep the pipe water flowing, and it can also prevent the water flow in the pipe from freezing, so as to avoid the freezing of the water pipe faucet and affect the normal water use;

3. After closing the water valve at night or when not in use, open the faucet to drain the water in the tube, which can effectively prevent freezing;

4.For frozen faucets, water meters, water pipes, first wrap the faucet with a hot towel, then pour warm water, thaw the faucet, then unscrew the faucet, and slowly sprinkle the pipe with warm water along the faucet to thaw the water pipe. Never use fire to bake water pipes and water meters.

5. Insulate the water pipes and faucets exposed to the ground. For example, use a wooden square bucket to cover the faucet, fill the sawdust with the inside, expose the faucet, and add a wooden cover to freeze it. Cover the exposed pipe on the ground with insulation material. It can prevent the water pipe from being frozen. It is best to add a total valve at the starting point of the water pipe. Once the faucet is frozen, the main valve can be closed, or the main valve can be closed when going out for a long time to prevent water leakage when the faucet is frozen. If the faucet is frozen and cannot be discharged, use hot boiled water to pour it on the faucet to melt the internal ice.

When we are frozen in the faucet, don’t use these faucets blindly. First use other faucets that are not frozen. The faucet that has been frozen will be thawed first. Do not use it immediately after thawing. It should be gone after a while. Use, this will protect our faucets to the utmost extent.

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