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Water saving starts with a faucet

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Water conservation is a topic that we are talking about every day, and we are indeed doing it now. Our water resources can no longer be squandered. We use water every day. We can try to save water from the tap. So how do we save water from the faucet?

1. Most of the built-in valve cores of faucets use steel ball valves and ceramic valves. The steel ball valve has a solid and durable steel ball and strong pressure resistance, but the disadvantage is that the rubber ring that serves as a seal is easy to wear and will quickly age. The ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, and the faucet using the ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth from the feel, can reach a high number of resistance to opening, and opens and closes quickly, which solves running, dripping, dripping, etc. , Leakage issues.

2. The traditional old-fashioned faucet and water pipe are easy to rust and will pollute the water quality. The yellow water stored in the pipe needs to be drained when used in the morning. Stainless steel, copper faucets and water pipes will not rust. In addition, copper faucets also have sterilizing and disinfecting effects, and are a health product.

3. When the hand reaches below the faucet, the faucet will automatically open, and when the hand is left, the faucet will automatically close. This is a fully automatic water-saving faucet. But not all automatic faucets have a water-saving function. Some faucets have a slow response because the quality is not close. When the hand is near the faucet, the water is released slowly. After the hand leaves the faucet, it closes slowly, which wastes a lot of water. Therefore, it is best to test this faucet on-site and strictly check it.

4. If you pay attention to observation, you will find that the water flow of the high-end faucet is soft and comfortable, and it will not splash around. The faucet of these faucets is equipped with a bubbler, which can fully mix the flowing water and air, so that the water flow has a foaming effect. With the addition of air, the scouring force of the water is greatly improved, thereby effectively reducing Water consumption.

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