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1. How to pay?
We accept PayPal. Please pay to the official account number given to

2. How is the goods shipped?
We normally ship by DHL, DDP, UPS, La Poste can also be accepted.

3. Is OEM available?
Yes, it is available. But it need to be sent from my factory. Please inform us in details about your design requirements in advance.

4. How long is delivery time?
5-20 days, depend on models and quantitits.

5. How does your company do a good job of quality control?
Quality is our company’s culture, we will provide you with the best quality and service. We will test the product quality before shipment.

6. Contact us
If you still have questions, please contact us in the AMAZON, or send email or and video to, we have 7/24 customer service and professional product support.

7. What about the package?
Product will be packaged safely with a box and thick sponge inside, you do not need to worry about the package problem. We ensure that the product will be intact when receiving.

8. How to install?
We have installation instruction included in the package, please refer to it carefully. Also we have installation video, you can check the installation step by step.

9. How long is the warranty?
All the bathroom accessories have 3-year warranty, all the kitchen accessories have 5-year warranty, and we have 90-day free return. If the product have any quality problem, please contact us, we accept returns or refund.

10. What about the missing parts?
If the package does not have necessary parts, please contact us and we will delivery you a new one.

11. How to maintain the surface?
For brushed nickel surface, just use the clean cloth to wipe it, do not use detergent.
For chrome surface, use cloth to wipe and clean as the same, if you want to maintain the shiny, please use some protective agent.
For oiled rubbed bronze surface, just use the clean cloth with some mechanical oil, and wipe, ease of maintenance.

12. Why the water flow is so small?
The aerator or spout maybe blocked, just clean it or replace it.

13. How to deal with the short time leakage after turning off the faucet?
Short time leakage is common phenomena of faucet, not the quality problem.

14. How to deal with the leakage problem?
Firstly, to check whether if you screw every parts tightly, and then check whether the O-ring being placed correct and tightened or not. If there still exist leakage problem, please contact our service team.

15. What about the noise of faucet?
If the faucet has some noise when using, please check whether the joint part is loose or lack of.

16. How to reduce the internal scale ?
Take off the aerator and clean or replace it, this way can reduce scale effectively.