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Carefully choose the faucet

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First, the harm of poor quality faucet

1. Harmful nerves, hematopoiesis and reproductive system are harmful to children and pregnant women, affecting their growth and development, intellectual development, severe dementia and other heavy metal ions, which will not only damage your health, but also harm your baby. The nervous system.
2, after a period of use, water leakage (even house flooding), rust, seriously affect the taste of the overall decoration and the mood of the user.

Second, inferior faucet bubbler
Performance: noisy faucet on the market, even a bubbler used by a well-known brand, the water effect is messy, the thorns are not able to achieve the soft effect of air mixing, causing users to splash water often “wet body”, waste water, and effluent The noise is large. After a period of use, there is even a rupture.

In fact, the harm of inferior faucets can be more than that. We all know that we are sick from the mouth, so we must be especially careful about what we eat, and water is not a thing for us, but a family, so buy a faucet. Be sure to choose carefully, prefer to buy expensive, not buy bad. Water is the source of our lives. We must take our life’s source seriously and try our best to buy it within our own economy.

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