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How to choose a durable faucet for your home?

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With the development of the era of scientific progress, we are exposed to more and more new things, but when our living standards improve, we need to improve some of the needs of life, such as the necessities of our lives, taps, we Every household needs to use a faucet, but if the number of opening and closing of the faucet is too much, it is easy to break. How do we choose a durable faucet?

1.look at the material of the faucet
After years of development, the material of the faucet is also varied. There are alloy faucets, copper faucets, stainless steel faucets and ceramic faucets commonly found on the market.

After comparison, it is better to find the stainless steel faucet; of course, the ceramic faucet can also be used as an option to enhance the high-end temperament of the bathroom; if you choose a full copper faucet, turn the faucet on for half a minute before use, and let the water drain, avoiding Excessive intake of lead; alloy faucets are not recommended.

2.look at the quality of the spool
The faucet needs to be turned on and off countless times, so the first question to consider when purchasing is whether it can be used for a long time. When the switch is active, the active part of the faucet is in the spool, so if you want it to be used for a long time, it depends on the quality of the spool. The quality of the spool can be judged by whether it can withstand long-term no-drip testing, which is a life test for the spool. It is clearly stipulated in the national faucet testing standards that the no-drip test of the switch requires no less than 200,000 switching times.

3.good faucets have bubblers
Look at the faucet is good or not, just see if it has a bubbler. The function of the bubbler is to prevent the water from spreading, so that the water flow is relatively straight. I don’t know if you noticed that some of the water from the faucet is soft on the hand and is a small bubble. The faucet is a bubbler. . If you are going to the mall to buy, you can feel the scene, the water flow is soft and the foam is rich, indicating that the bubbler quality is better, the bubbler generally has six layers, the good bubbler is made of high quality stainless steel mesh, you can see To. Many brands of bubblers can also filter the particulate impurities in the tap water. If the water quality in the area is not good, the tap water will gradually decrease. After the bubbler is turned on, it will return to normal.

A good faucet is a must in our lives. This will not only prevent our faucets from interfering with our normal life due to water leakage, but also make our life easier and faster.

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