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How does the touchless faucet work?

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Working principle of touchless infrared induction faucet

The automatic induction faucet works by the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared area of the faucet, the infrared light emitted by the infrared transmitting tube is reflected to the infrared receiving tube due to the block of the human hand. The signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is sent to the pulse solenoid valve, and the solenoid valve receives the signal. After that, the valve core is opened according to the specified instruction to control the tap water. When the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve core is reset by the internal spring to control the tap to close.

What are the functions of touchless faucet?

1. Intelligent water-saving: automatic induction control on and off, the hand or water container, washing items reach into the sensing range, the faucet will automatically emit water, and the water will stop after leaving, the water-saving function is significant.

2. Overtime protection: 30 seconds overtime washing automatic water off function to avoid waste of water due to foreign objects in the sensing range for a long time.

3. Convenient and hygienic: Water switching is completely done automatically by the sensor, and the human hand does not need to touch the faucet, which effectively avoids cross infection of bacteria.

4. Intelligent power saving: The induction faucet uses modern digital technology and ultra-low energy consumption (DC products use 4 AA alkaline batteries, and the static current is ≤60μA).

5. Strong adaptability: the sensitivity (range) can be adjusted according to different use environments.

6. Production process: brass precision casting, chrome-plated surface, permanent gloss; streamlined design, strong modern sense.

7. Built-in filter to prevent impurities from flowing into the solenoid valve, will not affect normal work and easy to clean.

8. Weak current reminder: DC products have a battery replacement prompt function. When the battery power is low, the indicator light is always on, prompting to replace the battery in time.

9. Applicable places: hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places.

Notes on the use of Touchless faucet

1. Wipe the surface of the product with a clean, soft cloth.

2. Avoid the use of highly acidic and alkaline chemicals.

3. Eliminate the use of wire or nylon balls to wipe electroplated and plastic parts.

4. Avoid scratching or scratching the surface of the product with hard materials.

5. Regularly clean the filter to prevent clogging.

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