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Installation position of bathtub faucet

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Classification of bathtub faucet

There are two types of bathtub faucets. One is a shower-type faucet. This type is installed above the shower room and generally has a cold and hot mixing control function. According to the form, it is divided into a wall-mounted shower and a hose shower. The basic type for household use is the hose type shower, so that you can hold it in your hand at any time. The public bathrooms are selected according to the situation. Most of them choose in-wall showers to protect the faucets more. Some high-end shower faucets also have a thermostatic control function.

The other is a bathtub faucet, which is installed on one side of the bathtub. There will also be hot and cold mixing control switches. Most of the materials are ceramic valve cores. The valve body of the faucet is generally brass, which can prevent leakage and wear.

What is the height of the bathtub faucet?

The proper height of the bathtub faucet is directly related to the user’s convenience and comfort experience. The bathtub is divided into a free-standing bathtub and a counter-top bathtub according to the installation. When the free-standing bathtub is placed against the wall, it can be equipped with a concealed bathtub mixer. When standing alone, it is usually equipped with a floor-standing bathtub faucet. The width of the cylinder base of the bathtub on the table is 90mm, the bottom of the bathtub is 10mm, the height of the bathtub is 55mm, and the installation height of the bathtub faucet is 750-850mm (concealed type). This will ensure a comfortable experience when bathing.

The mixing valve depends on the height of the bathtub. It is better to be 20-30cm higher than the bathtub. If it is too high, it will easily splash water. If it is too low, the hose will be affected. The height of the bathtub is generally 60cm, so the height of the wall-mounted faucet is 80-90cm.

How to install bathtub faucet?

The installation method of the bathtub faucet is not difficult. Generally, after purchasing the faucet, if you want to install the faucet in the wall, install the valve plug of the faucet in the wall first. Pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall. If the wall is too thin, do not install the wall. in. Do not remove the outer protective cover when it is buried in the wall, so as to avoid damage to the valve core by cement and other debris. Pay attention to the direction of the valve core when installing the valve core, and do not reverse it.

In addition, pay attention to separate hot and cold water into the water pipe when installing, do not reverse.

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