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The water from the current domestic faucets have a lot of bubbles

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The advantages of the aerator:

Water saving, mainly through multi-layer filter
[1] Buffered water flow, concentrated water column, mixed air increases contact water area and constant water flow

[2] and so on. Scene, the faucet water column without the bubbler is scattered, not easy to contact with the hand or the contact surface is small, the water is too large to waste; the bubbler with the touch switch (solid) can quickly block the water flow and further save water (45 %)

[3]; A bubbler with adjustable water flow can force the amount of water to be defined to save water (35~85%)

Prevent splashing, the water column after buffering is even, and the water column reduces splashing vertically;

Hygienic, multi-layer filters filter most of the sediment, impurities, and bubblers with touch switches to reduce contact taps;

Constant water flow/water output, with pressure compensation or current limiting device (common in shower) can ensure a certain amount of water when the water pressure is too low, limit the water output when the water pressure is too high, and stabilize when the water pressure is unstable Amount of water;

The working principle of the faucet aerator:

1. The bubbler is a device that is installed at the water outlet end of the water nozzle and mixed (increases) air when the water is discharged. The hand feels more comfortable and comfortable when washing hands, but it is inferred that “it can make the water and air flowing through it mix thoroughly, reduce the water pressure of the water, and increase the flushing power of the water, thus effectively reducing water consumption. the amount”. It is truly irresponsible and extremely irresponsible (I hope that the experts who put forward this view are not clearly stated or simply misunderstood by us).

From the perspective of the principle of fluid continuity, the bubbler essentially reduces the jet velocity of the tap water, reduces the impact force, and reduces the impulse (the expert also acknowledges that the water pressure is reduced).

The essence of decontamination washing is force. Water is only a material carrier for transmitting force. The only way to improve the utilization efficiency of water is to strengthen and increase the impulse of water and the impact of particles. The bubbler can only slow down the flow rate of water and reduce it. Tap water has a large impulse and particle impact. Therefore, after installing the bubbler, it is impossible to save water. (If you want to use more water, you can experiment and compare and draw your own conclusions).

2. The faucet bubbler changes the “pipe flow” of the water to the “line flow” at the outlet of the faucet, and then changes the “line flow” to “jet” through the pressure of the air, and then passes the “water separation”. Beat the water evenly to make the water soft. The pressure of the air gives the water power and reduces the flow of water without affecting the use. It can reduce water costs, reduce energy consumption, and reduce emissions.

The water-saving nozzle can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, eliminate the possibility of bacterial growth, and effectively maintain human health while saving water and energy and protecting the environment.

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