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The principle of hot and cold water taps

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The bottom of the spool of the hot and cold water faucet has three holes, one for controlling the ingress and egress of cold water, one for controlling the entry of hot water, and one for controlling the water inside the spool. In order to ensure The accuracy of adjusting the water temperature, the cold and hot two holes of the hot and cold water faucet valve core are sealed. The spool controls the closing of the two holes by rotation to control the temperature of the water.

If the hole on the left is the hot water outlet, the hole on the right is the cold water outlet. When we screw the handle to the left, the movement of the ceramic valve core is driven, so that the hot water hole is completely Converted, the hot water is is the mouth to the right, the cold water hole is opened, the hot water hole is closed, and the cold water naturally comes out. Screwed into the middle , the hot and cold water holes are all open and closed, and naturally it is warm water.

Hot and cold water tap installation method

1, check accessories
When the hot and cold water faucet is bought back, the first thing to do is to check the accessories first, especially the bulk purchase friends, to know which parts the faucet consists of.

2, install the water inlet hose
After checking the accessories, the second step is to install the water inlet hose, put the plastic pad inside the faucet into the single hole of the wash basin, and then put on the glass glue to prevent leakage of water, and pass the water inlet hose through the single hole of the washbasin. Then, it is connected to the main body of the faucet and fixed by rotation. The other hose is installed in the same step, and the threaded interface is inserted into the lower end of the hose to Connect with the main body of the faucet.

3, fixed tap
After installing the water inlet hose, the third step is to fix the faucet, insert the white rubber pad and the lower end of the water inlet hose, and then insert the lock nut into the lower end of the two water inlet hoses, and rotate The lock nut sleeve. The tube can be fixed on the single-hole basin and tightened.

4, connect the water inlet and the drain
After fixing the faucet, you can connect the water inlet to the water outlet. Just remember to add the raw material belt to prevent leakage when each spigot is connected. Also remember that the water inlet hose corresponds to the left side of the cold side or The left side of the heat. Cold on the right.

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