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The installation difference of kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet

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1. Before installing the faucet, it is necessary to flush the water, wash the silt and impurities in the water pipe, remove the sundries in the installation hole, and check that the accessories in the package box are free from impurities, so as to avoid blocking or abrasion of the ceramic spool.

2. With metal hose to connect water pipe, don’t need to consider the pipe installation location, but it is important to note that the length of the hose is normally 30 cm (import size, individual brand or hard tube), with a metal tube connected to the pipe, you should first buy after bibcock, according to leading hard pipe laying pipe length, of course, in life, hard tube is better than hose, likewise, when install the sink faucet, laid over the sink, such as pipe is installed into the wall sink faucet for the best, install ordinary conversely sink faucets.

3. The requirements for related accessories of imported faucets are different from those of domestic faucets. General entrance bibcock top water pipe has soft, hard cent, and with hose (stainless steel braid tube) most, movable nut end has inch system 3/8 inch, with its match can choose the triangular valve of entrance only, additional, pipe mouth of launch assembly is 11 1/4 inch.

4. When taking over, the left side is hot water and the right side is cold water. The two pipes are 100mm-200mm apart. After the water inlet joint position is fixed, remove the faucet again, wait for the wall mud-water worker to complete, then install the faucet, so as to avoid the surface of the faucet coating is worn, scratch. If the use of imported products such as shower, pre-installed booster pump to ensure normal water.
(1) Installation of single-hole kitchen faucet
Demand is stable, because kitchen faucet USES frequency to be higher, add to be moved to move, loosen easily, because this lock nut must tighten. Appeared on market a few bibcock to increase nut to fix for spiral tube now, this kind of steady effect is very good, if can solve go to water to lift pull a problem, will be a popular trend in the future.

(2) Installation of single-hole basin faucet
When buying bibcock of basin of handle face of single handle, should notice to go shuikou diameter, belong to hard pipe to fill water mostly on the market now, so you should notice to reserve the height of shuikou, go down from stage basin 35 centimeters most appropriate. When installation, must choose to match special Angle valve, and Angle valve must and the cold hot water pipe of wall outlet is fixed. When you discover Angle valve and bibcock go up conduit to have a distance between, must buy special lengthen tube to connect, must not connect with other conduit, because if water pressure is big, fall off easily, leak, cause loss to you. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, part can be cut off according to your need, if the Angle is not appropriate, you can bend to the position you need appropriately according to the need. Don’t bend hard to 90¡ Or greater than 90. When installing face basin to go to water, do not forget to buy the small interface of bibcock please. Don’t forget to flush the pipes buried in the wall before you install them.

(3) Installation of thermostatic faucet
Before installing constant temperature bibcock, ask you to check conduit first is left hot right cold, must not connect cold hot conduit wrong, lest bibcock cannot work normally. Gas, solar water heater cannot use constant temperature bibcock, because water pressure is too low. Install constant temperature faucet please do not forget to install hot and cold water filter.

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