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How to buy a bathtub faucet

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What is the bathtub faucet? It is mounted on the side of the bathtub for open hot and cold water. The two pipes that can be connected to the hot and cold are called double-connected; the structure for opening and closing the water flow has a spiral lifting type, a metal ball valve type, a ceramic valve core type and the like. How do we buy a bathtub faucet?

How to choose a bathtub faucet?
The faucet is the most frequently used thing in house life. The faucet has a variety of different shapes and models. First of all, the key to quality is the spool. At present, there are mainly ceramic valve cores, ball valve cores and rubber valve cores on the market. The ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core material with good sealing performance, stable physical properties and long service life. It is generally used for more than 10 years. The main body is cast from brass, bronze (or copper alloy), of course, the overall casting performance is best.

1, first look at the surface. The main body of the faucet is cast from brass, bronze (or copper alloy), polished and polished, and then chrome plated and other surface treatment. Regular product body casting and surface treatment have strict technical requirements, and after neutral salt spray test, there should be no rust in the corresponding period of time. Therefore, the selection of the faucet should pay attention to the surface, touch the burr, observe no pores, eroded traces, no oxidized spots, crystal clear, feel the thickness of the coating. The surface of the faucet is galvanized, titanium coated, painted, and the like. The plating thickness is good, and the surface of the plating layer can be observed by light to see if it is bright. The coating of the imported faucet is thick and not easy to fall off and oxidize. The plating layer should have a protective film, and the plating layer without the protective film is easily faded.

2, gently turn the handle, whether it is light and flexible, with or without blocking stagnation. The faucet with no gaps, easy and unobstructed, and no slippery is better. The inferior gap is large and the resistance is large.

3, tap the main body of the faucet, whether the sound is dull, and carefully observe the faucet interface, whether it is a copper body, if the sound is crisp when tapping, it may be stainless steel and other materials. Look at the various components of the faucet, especially whether the main components are tightly assembled. The good valve body and handle are all made of brass, and the weight is heavy.

4. Inspect each component and observe if the assembly is tight or not. Generally, the single handle mixing basin faucet is shipped with the installation dimension drawing and instruction manual. Before installing and using, you should open the product packaging inspection certificate, etc.. In addition, it should be checked whether the accessories are complete. The general accessories should be equipped with: (1) a full set of fixing bolts and fixed copper plates and gaskets; (2) a full set of basin lifting water remover; (3) two inlet pipes.

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