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The water flow rate of the faucet becomes smaller. It is recommended to clean the faucet filter regularly.

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★Every time you wash the dishes, it feels unclean and the time spent is also increased. Moreover, the summer temperature is high, the frequency of water is also increased a lot, the water flow rate is so small, and the water is used to feel Very inconvenient.

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★This may be because the drain is blocked. There is a filter head at the water outlet of the faucet. Once blocked, the water flow rate will be reduced. At this point, use the adjustable wrench or pliers to remove the filter head to see if any debris is stuck here. After the cleaning is completed, the water flow rate will increase, and the filter head will be cleaned to ensure clean water.

★The filter is also a bubbler that allows the faucet to level out, prevent splashing, and also filter some impurities in the tap water. However, the filter mesh is relatively dense. If it is not cleaned up in time, too much impurities will block the water flow rate, which will not only reduce the amount of water, but also cause bacteria to bring health problems. Therefore, the filter should be removed at regular intervals to rinse off the impurities.
If you encounter a situation where the amount of water is getting smaller and you can eliminate the cause of insufficient water pressure, then check if the filter is blocked by impurities. This is the simplest self-examination method.

★The smaller the water flow rate may be due to the aging of the tap water valve, which causes the valve to not turn to the position when the switch is turned on, and the water flow rate will naturally become smaller. In this case, the tap water valve must be replaced.

★Finally, some people’s home water pipes have been modified. If the construction is not in place, the water pipe connection may be narrowed, resulting in a smaller water flow rate from the faucet.


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