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These are the faucet knowledge you must know

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Misunderstanding 1: 

Installing different types of faucets in different functional areas

There are various types of faucets. According to different functional areas, the faucets mainly include basin faucets, bathtub faucets, washing machine faucets, and sink faucets. The faucets in different functional areas have different structures and functions. Sink and bathtub faucets generally use two types: cold and warm type and bubbler. Washing machine faucets only need single cold type faucet, because single cold type faucet flushes water quickly, which can play a certain water-saving effect.

Misunderstanding 2: 

Keep hot and cold water pipes separate

In general, the hot and cold water faucet controls the mixing ratio of hot and cold water through the different opening angles on both sides of the ceramic valve core, and then regulates the water temperature. If there is only a cold water pipe, two water inlet hoses can be connected when installing the hot and cold water faucet, and an angle valve can also be installed to play a role.

Misunderstanding 3: 

Faucet and water pipe connection must use angle valve

All hot and cold water faucets in the home must use angle valves when they are connected to the water pipe. The purpose is to prevent leaks from the faucet from affecting the water used elsewhere in the home. The faucet of the washing machine does not require hot water, so it can be directly connected to the water pipe.

Misunderstanding 4: 

The faucet needs to be cleaned regularly

Many households never pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the faucet after installing it for a long time. Not only the water quality of the faucet is not guaranteed, but various failures will occur, which will affect the use. In fact, the correct way is to clean it every other month after installing the faucet. The surface stains and water stains can be cleaned with a clean cloth. Soak in white vinegar for a while, then open the hot water valve to drain the water.

Misunderstanding 5: 

The faucet needs to be replaced regularly

Generally, after five years of use, you can consider replacing the faucet. Long-term use will praise a lot of bacteria and dirt inside, which will cause damage to the human body over time. Therefore, I still recommend that you replace the faucet every five years.

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