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Precautions for purchasing kitchen faucets

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1.The kitchen faucet can be rotated 360 degrees

It is more convenient to use the kitchen faucet to be taller. The spout is preferably extended above the drain and not splashed. In order to meet the needs of various uses, the kitchen faucet should be rotated left and right, and the left and right sinks can be used together. The faucet of the faucet can preferably rotate 360° up and down.

2.The choice of stainless steel material

The material of the kitchen faucet is generally brass, but due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucet is not necessarily the best choice. Generally, it is plated on the outermost layer. In order to prevent corrosion and rust inside the brass, clean it. Fine cleaning of the faucet is likely to damage the plating layer of the faucet, causing the faucet to be corroded and rusted, so the copper faucet is not suitable for the kitchen.

The faucet made of high quality 304 stainless steel has the characteristics of no lead, acid, alkali, corrosion, no harmful substances and no pollution to the tap water source. It is good for kitchen drinking water and stainless steel faucet. It needs electroplating and is not easy to rust. Its hardness and toughness are more than twice as high as that of copper products. It is easy to clean, but the price is relatively high.

3.Should pay attention to whether the nozzle can take care of both sides of the sink

Pay attention to the length of the basin and the faucet when purchasing. If the kitchen is double basin, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the faucet length can rotate both sides of the sink when rotating. Now most kitchen faucets can realize the main body of the faucet. Rotate left and right, especially the pull-out faucet can pull out the faucet for easy cleaning to all corners of the sink, but you need to free one hand to hold the faucet.

4.With anti-calcification system and anti-backflow system

Calcium is deposited in both the showerhead and the automatic cleaning system. The same is true in the faucet, and silicon is collected. The integrated air cleaner has an anti-calcification system that prevents the device from being calcified: the anti-backflow system prevents the dirty water from being sucked. In the clear water pipe, it consists of a layer of material. Faucets with these systems will be marked with a DVGM pass on the surface of the package.

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