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Teach you how to choose the right one from many styles of faucets

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First, the appearance of the faucet is not much different, and the surface is closed well. It is difficult for consumers to see the internal structure of the faucet and the quality of the valve core when buying, and it is not easy to open and check. So, how can you buy a faucet with good quality without opening the faucet?

1. Look at the appearance: The surface chrome-plating process of a good faucet is very particular about it, and it usually takes a few steps to complete. The quality of a faucet depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

2. Turn the handle: When the faucet rotates the handle, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it is easy to open and close without slipping. But poor quality faucets not only have a large gap, but also a large sense of obstruction.

3. Listen to the sound: The material of the faucet is the hardest to distinguish. A good faucet is cast copper as a whole, and it sounds dull when beaten. If the sound is brittle, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be a grade worse.

4, identification mark: If it really does not distinguish, you can choose a more regular brand. Generally regular products have the brand logo of the manufacturer, and some non-formal products or some inferior products often stick only some paper labels, even without any marks. Be careful when buying.

The internal structure of the faucet is not much different, except that there are ceramic valves and rubber seals in the sealing method, but the difference in external style is even greater. When buying, in addition to considering personal preferences, you must also consider its matching with the surrounding environment. Seeing that the bottom is a menu handle, a 90-degree switch, or a spiral steady rise, it is more suitable, and then decide to buy.

Second, choose the tap according to function
In the past, the single faucet could not meet all people’s requirements. At present, the faucets on the market can be divided into three types: bathtub faucet, basin faucet, and kitchen faucet. In each category, according to function, style, material and color, etc. Divided into many small categories. Different faucets have amazing differences in details.

1. Double outlet of bathtub faucet: This type of faucet must have two water outlets. Fill the bathtub with water below, and the other is used to connect the shower. After recognizing, you should also note that the length of the faucet’s water outlet is slightly longer than the width of the edge of the bathtub, so as to ensure that water will not flow outside when filling.

2, basin faucet short short mouth: This faucet is used with the bathroom basin to wash clothes and wash your face. Therefore, choosing a faucet with a short and low spout is both practical and coordinated, but pay attention to leaving enough washing space. After locking this type of faucet, you first need to see whether the faucet mounting hole of the basin is single or three-hole; if it is three-hole, you must also measure the distance between the mounting holes is 4 inches (about 10 cm), or 8 Inches (approximately 20 cm) before you can determine which faucet is suitable.

3. The height of the kitchen faucet: For the convenience of use, the kitchen faucet should be selected higher, the water outlet should also be long, it is best to extend above the drain, and it must not splash water.

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