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How to choose the right copper faucet?

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The faucet can be said that we use it every day, so it is very important to choose a high-quality faucet. At present, the faucets on the market can be mainly divided into all-copper faucets, stainless steel faucets, plastic faucets, etc. Among them, all-copper faucets are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and wear-resistant, so they are very popular. So let’s talk about how to choose a high quality copper faucet today.

1. Observe the finish of faucet. The surface of high-quality all-copper faucet will have exquisite craftsmanship, and generally need to be polished and electroplated, so the surface looks more shiny and shiny. When buying, you can check the quality of the surface plating process under sufficient light If it looks bright like a mirror, it indicates that the surface process is good. If its surface does not look bright, or there are etch marks, oxidation spots, etc., it is recommended not to buy it, because its plating finish is not guaranteed.

2.Observe the cross-section interface. Many copper faucets on the market are often copper-plated on the surface, and the internal material is not copper. Therefore, you must pay more attention when buying, and carefully observe whether the cross-section interface of the faucet is made of copper.

3.Feel with your hands. In order to ensure that the selected faucet is made of copper, it is recommended to touch the surface of the faucet as much as possible during the purchase process. After the copper material is electroplated, the product feels texture by hand, and its surface resistance is large. When the surface is relatively smooth to the touch, it means that it is not a copper material.

4.Check the accessories. When choosing a full copper faucet, you also need to check the accessories. Good accessories are generally made of copper. Although the surface of other materials is over-plated, its color will fade to yellow during use, which will affect the use. It also affects aesthetics.

5.The above are some of the main points of buying all copper faucets, we need to carefully remember. High-quality copper faucets are generally more expensive, and those cheap copper faucets are usually copper-plated. They are prone to various problems when used for a long time, so it is not recommended to buy.

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