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How do consumers discern the pros and cons of faucets?

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1. The key when buying is to feel the touch, and the switch should feel soft and effortless. If the feel is awkward or too light, it means that the assembly structure is not good.

2. The faucets of different prices also differ in the quality of plating. In general, the main raw materials of faucets are divided into mixed copper and pure copper, and more advanced is copper-nickel mixed materials. Pure copper is not easy to corrode and oxidize. After multiple polishing, it is good for electroplating, and the quality of electroplating is better than that of mixed copper. In addition, the thickness of the plating is also very particular. In addition to raw materials, the factors affecting the quality of the faucet, the production mode and process procedures also play a decisive role.

3. The selection of faucets and accessories should be considered from the following aspects:

a. The first is the treatment and quality of the surface coating.

b. The main body of the faucet should be cast from bronze or brass.

c. The quality of the inner core of the faucet directly determines the tightness and service life of the faucet.

d. The handle range of the faucet should be larger.

e. Choose industrial faucets with large water output and fast water stop.

f. What should you pay attention to when choosing a faucet? First, move the switch a few times to see if the parts fit tightly and tightly. When twisting the switch, it is better to feel soft. If it feels awkward or light, it means that its assembly structure is unreasonable. Such a faucet is not enough when it is used, or it leaks when the water pressure increases. Therefore, when purchasing, you must pay attention to whether there is packaging, origin, inspection certificate and so on.

g. Select the faucet of ceramic core valve to buy. Generally speaking, the faucet core is mainly composed of ceramic sheet, washer, fixing transparent rubber ring and special stainless steel joint screw assembly. The ceramic piece is made of high-durability ceramics. The two pieces are close to each other. Even if the water pressure is 60Bar, it can cope with it freely, without leakage, and it is smoother to use. As for the gasket, the selected silicon gasket can withstand the pressure of hot and cold water without leaking. The special stainless steel joint screw has a precise design to prevent the core from being over-tightened.

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