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Is the heating faucet good?

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1. No need to preheat or wait. As long as you turn on the heating faucet, you can have a hot water supply with a suitable temperature in a few seconds, which is very fast and convenient, and meets the fast-paced life needs of modern people. Most importantly, it saves people valuable time. It is suitable for hotels, hotels, guest houses, beauty salons and family kitchens and bathrooms. It is beautiful and elegant with the overall kitchen cabinets, showing fashion.

2. Energy saving and power saving. Because the instant electric hot water faucet does not need to be preheated in advance, there is no heat energy loss during preheating. It is turned off when not in use. The energy consumption of water truly saves energy and electricity. Generally speaking, instant electric water heaters save 30% -50% of electricity compared to traditional electric water heaters.

3. Safety and environmental protection. Hydroelectric isolation technology, power on when water passes, power off when water cuts off, ground protection, and other measures. Patented circuit, magnetized anti-scale, over temperature power off, safe and reliable!

4. The water temperature is constant and comfortable to use. As long as the water temperature is adjusted at the beginning, the temperature will be constant.

5. Small size, noble appearance, easy installation and space saving. Because the instant electric hot water faucet does not need to be preheated in advance, the design does not require a large and bulky inner tank water storage tank and insulation layer. Most of them are small in size, light in weight, and easy to install, saving space and materials. In addition, high-end products in instant electric hot water faucets mostly adopt humanized design, streamlined appearance, noble and elegant, and are welcomed by fashionable people.

6, not easy to scale, longer life. Instant hot water faucet cold water is heated directly after passing through the heating body. It belongs to “living water”, scale is not easy to stay, and hot water temperature is generally not higher than 65C. Therefore, scale is not easy to form in the internal pipeline of the water heater. In addition, the temperature of the heating body of the instant electric hot water faucet during the heating process is not very high, so the damage probability of the waterway and the heating body is correspondingly reduced, so the service life of the instant electric water heater is longer than that of the traditional electric water heater. , Generally 2-3 times that of traditional electric water heaters.

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