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Tips for choosing hot and cold water faucet

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The first thing to look for when buying a faucet is to look at the criteria for qualified appearance is “three no”-no bubbles, no scratches, no defects. There is a small method. Press the faucet lightly with your finger, and the fingerprint of your finger can be quickly dissipated to prove that the coating on the surface of the sanitary ware is better, otherwise it is worse.

The spool is a major part of the experience of the decision faucet. Nowadays, relatively good faucets on the market usually use ceramic spools. This kind of spool has the advantages of heat resistance and wear resistance, which can be suitable for all water environments in the home, and ceramic The service life of the valve core of the raw material is also very long, avoiding the formation of water nozzle dripping due to the valve core wear.

The faucet control handle is divided into single handle and double handle. The single handle is characterized by convenient control and simple structure. The double handle requires two hands to adjust the water temperature, but the style can be suitable for more occasions, and the double handle faucet adjusts the water temperature more smoothly and delicately than the single handle, suitable for temperature sensitive consumption By.

The above are some tips for choosing hot and cold water faucets for you. At present, the faucets in the market are mixed, so it is best for everyone to choose a big brand when buying faucets, so the quality and after-sales will be more guaranteed.

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