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Bad faucets can affect human health

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Firstly. Faucet classification:

There are many types of faucets, which are usually distinguished according to their functions and uses, such as kitchen faucets, basin faucets, and bathtub faucets, collectively referred to as “three-piece suits. When choosing a faucet, it is best to choose a special faucet according to the purpose, such as using a basin faucet to install in the kitchen On the sink, because the height is too low, it causes a lot of inconvenience to use.

1. Bathtub faucet: There are two water outlets, one is connected to the bathtub shower, and the other is connected to the faucet under the shower for shower.
2. Basin faucet: This faucet has a short and low water outlet, which is mainly used for people to wash items and cleansing.
3. Multifunctional kitchen faucet: If there is hot water pipeline in the kitchen, this faucet should also be double connected. In addition, the kitchen faucet has a higher and longer water outlet, and some also have a hose design for washing food.
Classified by structure:
1. Single-handle: This type of faucet uses the currently popular ceramic valve core as a seal. Its advantages are flexible switching, easy temperature adjustment, and long service life. The price is medium to high, suitable for families with relatively relaxed economic conditions. .
2. Faucet with 90-degree switch: This type of faucet is also sealed with a ceramic chip. It is based on the traditional double handle. The original rubber seal is changed to a ceramic sheet seal. You can rotate the handle 90 degrees when opening and closing. The hot and cold water is adjusted on both sides, which is characterized by easy opening and various styles; the price is moderate and it is the material of choice for mass consumers.
3, the traditional spiral steady rise, rubber-tight faucet: its water output is large, easy maintenance; the price is relatively low.

Secondly. Tips for selecting faucets:
1. Look at the material: Generally, there are several types of titanium alloy products, copper chrome products, stainless steel chrome products, aluminum alloy chrome products, and iron chrome products.
2. Look at the spool: The spool is the heart of the tap, and the ceramic spool is the best. Good quality products use ceramic valve cores, which have the characteristics of strong abrasion resistance and good sealing performance. Generally they can be used more than 300,000 times. Low-grade products mostly use copper, rubber and other seals, which have a short service life, but the price is low. low.
3. Look at the coating: In chrome-plated products, the coating of common products is 20 microns thick, and the material is easily oxidized by air over a long period of time. The copper chrome-plated coating with exquisite workmanship is 28 microns thick. Its structure is tight, the coating is uniform, and the color is bright. Smooth and delicate, it can keep the light as new after using for a long time.
4, look at the appearance: can be integrated with the style of the basin, bathtub and bathroom, playing the finishing touch.

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