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How to solve the faucet dripping?

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Sometimes, our faucet has been tightened by us, but the faucet will still tickle the water, which will waste a lot of water, and this drip will affect our rest during the night and night. But when we removed the faucet ourselves, we couldn’t understand what went wrong and had to change a new one. Below we will teach you a trick.
We first close the water outlet valve, then remove the faucet. First look at the structure. There is a blue rubber ring underneath. First remove the rubber ring. Then press the top to push the ceramic valve core out and take it out. After that, you can remove the parts inside. Since the water leaks, you must find the problem. Let’s look at the valve core. The position on both sides has a small gap, which is the leak caused by this gap.

We are looking for a sharpening stone, or sandpaper, which has been polished, smoothing the gap, and then smoothing it without gaps. We should not grind too hard, otherwise it will leak due to the water’s momentum. At that time, it can only be replaced.

The ceramic valve core is not particularly easy to damage. It is generally because the fitting is not tight, so it will drip. If the valve core is ok, look at the gasket. It may be a problem with the gasket. You only need to change the gasket of the same paragraph. Because it may break on your own because of continuous polishing, it is best to be careful.

Remove the small screws on or behind the faucet handle to remove the handle that is attached to the faucet body. Some screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons or plastic sheets. When the button is opened, the handle screws on the top are visible. The valve plug can be loosened and removed with a wrench, and the shaft gasket can be removed with a clamp, replaced with a new shaft gasket or replaced with a valve plug.

Reinstall the handle and replace the button or disc. Re-open the water supply and check for leaks.

Leakage at the faucet base connection is caused by the wear of the gasket inside the gland. You can loosen the screw to remove the hoe, then loosen the gland, then remove the gland inner seal and replace it with a new one.

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