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How to solve the aging of the faucet?

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Faucet common problems and maintenance methods

1. The faucet has a water fork or a reduced amount of water, no air bubbles.

Possible cause: The bubbler filter is dirty with dust or debris.
Solution: Remove the faucet and clean the filter.

2.The shower water is small, there is a water fork.

Possible cause: The water pressure is too low or there is debris or scale buildup in the shower head.
Solution: Remove the shower head, remove the rubber gasket with filter from the shower inlet, or clean the shower head for cleaning.

3. When the faucet is noisy.

Possible cause: The water pressure is too high; the faucet handle is quickly closed; the hot and cold water pipes are not fixed; the inlet pipe has obstacles or scale.
Solution: Reduce water supply pressure, avoid faucet quick shut down, rebuild, clean pipes, check water pipes and connections (eg water purifiers, water heaters).

4. Temperature adjustment is not easy, and water temperature often changes.

Possible cause: The difference between hot water and cold water pressure is too great, or the water heater raises the water temperature for too long.
Solution: Reduce the pressure of the hot and cold triangle valve to ensure that the water temperature of the water heater can keep up with the output water speed.

If you find a small amount of water in the faucet, it may be a leak caused by the aging of the faucet, because the water stop of the single faucet sticks to the sand. This phenomenon is still to find professional maintenance personnel to disassemble the faucet for cleaning, but if the aging rubber pad of the faucet is damaged, it must be replaced. In general, the faucet pad can be used for 7 or 8 years, but the faucet in the hot water section is easy to reduce the life shrinkage due to heat and cold, and the faucet is aging.

The aging of the faucet is a problem worthy of attention. The above is the content related to the aging of the faucet. We hope to help you solve the problems related to the aging of the faucet.

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