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The quality of the faucet is directly affects the quality of life

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Today, the bathroom has become the focus of our home renovation. Into the home building materials supermarket, people were surprised to find that: in the past, simple toilets, bathtubs, and faucets have now become “transformed” into new products with different shapes and functions, intelligent, humanized, artistic, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. Constantly increasing, it has become a new bright spot in the home building materials industry. Among them, the intelligentization of sanitary ware is a major embodiment of fashionable sanitary ware. Such as some well-known brands of intelligent automatic toilets, eliminating the need for extra corners and bumps, the step direct optimization, greatly improving the level of bathroom space.

In addition, there are many internationally renowned brands that use self-cleaning technology, such as infrared light bath room, jacuzzi, infrared automatic opening and closing faucet and the use of thermostatic technology in showers, etc., which makes the ordinary family really Feel the beauty of advanced technology. In addition, in order to make the user more convenient and comfortable, some smart toilets are also more user-friendly, from water washing, warm water conditioning to seat heating, warm air drying, and even the toilet with MP3 function. It is not difficult to see that the toilet designer is really working hard on the service.

The faucets in the market have presented a situation in which flowers bloom. From the perspective of the new sanitary ware market, these water-saving and environmentally-friendly terminal guards have three characteristics: novel, diverse and excellent.

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