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Pay attention to faucet cleaning

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The legend that “fouls such as water cups, humidifiers, and faucets can easily breed bacteria and even cause cancer” makes everyone feel that drinking water is not safe anymore. Will faucet and drinking cups really affect health and even cause cancer?

Faucet scale is more harmful

Hazard 1: Affect the use of faucet: After using the faucet at home for a period of time, it is found that the water flow of the faucet becomes smaller, and it is found that it is caused by scale. Due to the frequent use of hot water, which causes a large amount of water and alkali to accumulate inside, the current flow becomes very small.

Many people will find that there will be a layer of sediment inside the faucet after using it for a long time, which will seriously affect the filter and level, and cause the faucet to be used poorly.

Hazard two: Scale affects health: Some people see a thick layer of scale inside the faucet at home, and they are worried that this layer of scale will also release carcinogens and affect family health.

Experts say that a lot of household products will form a thick layer of dirt after using the mouthwash cup, iron pot, humidifier, and faucet for a long time. These dirt are not only as simple as affecting the beauty and easily breeding bacteria, some even cause cancer and have to be removed. Other experts said that “the flow of water in the faucet will produce” toxic substances released “, which will last long and accumulate in the human body after drinking, which will easily cause damage to the nervous, hematopoietic and reproductive systems, and affect children’s growth and development and intellectual development. It can also be cancerous, teratogenic and mutagenic. “

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