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Faucet cannot be used for more than five years

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1. The shelf life has arrived: it is best to replace the faucet for more than five years
Regarding drinking water faucets, no matter how good the quality is, there will be varying degrees of rust over time, which will increase the amount of lead precipitation. Therefore, it is recommended to replace drinking water faucets once in about 5 years. Drinking water faucets, it can be used for a long time is not important.

2. The effluent flow becomes smaller: less water may not save energy or it may be broken!
Many users may suddenly find that the faucet in their home seems to be smaller than the previous water output, and they are too lazy to change without affecting the use. It feels more water-saving, but the truth is not the case! If the flow becomes smaller, there may be a problem with the valve, or it may be that the slag has blocked the interior. It is a wise choice to replace the new faucet in time!

3. The more fingerprints print, the more flowers: Prove that you bought a poor quality faucet!
When buying a faucet, many people look at the light without traces and feel free to use the water. They think the product is good to buy. After installing and using it at home, they find it easy to print fingerprints on the surface of the faucet. Under the circumstances, it proves that the faucet you bought is a defective product. Even if you press the surface of the faucet with your finger, the fingerprint will quickly disappear because of the good coating quality.

Beware of faucet purchase mistakes

Buy faucet without looking at basin structure
In addition to looking at the size of the socket when buying a faucet, what many people overlook is the shape and structure of the basin. Especially for the users who install the above counter basin, the height of the background basin of the above counter basin has changed, and the ordinary basin faucet is no longer applicable. In addition, the number of installation holes for the basin is also a detail that cannot be ignored, but a single installation hole was bought. It is obviously unreasonable for the double-headed and double-controlled faucet.

Faucet weight means good material
Many users believe that the faucet “buy heavy but not light”, the heavier the material, the higher the purity. Indeed, the faucet cannot be bought too light. The light faucet often hollows out the internal copper, and it is easy to burst with water pressure, but The faucet purchase is not as heavy as possible, because the use of recycled copper as raw materials and the addition of stainless steel components can increase the weight of the faucet. Due to the gap in the selection of raw materials, the impurities in the product also increase, which directly results in the heavy metal content of the product. Severely exceeded the standard, causing secondary pollution to water, but unhealthy for the human body.

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