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What kind of faucet material is good

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1. Weight

A faucet made of brass is definitely very heavy. Why choose a brass faucet? Because brass faucets can inhibit E. coli in the water, brass must be used, and brass faucets are generally heavy.
A set of faucets that are carefully made must have a smooth surface like a mirror. If a faucet with a thick plating layer will not be so rusty, it can be judged by the naked eye of the plating. The naked eye can see whether there are holes or not. The raised or recessed point is the basic criterion for judging a faucet.
In addition, you can breathe for a while, if it spreads quickly, it means the surface treatment is good.

3. After sale
The after-sales service of the product is very important, and it is also a guarantee that you have no worries, so you must choose a product with good after-sales service. The general faucet warranty is at least 5 years, so you should also check this.

Most consumers pay attention to the quality of the faucet spool, the quality of the faucet manufacturing material and the surface treatment, as well as its adaptability to water quality and whether it is water-saving. The high-quality faucets are all imported ceramic valve cores, which are wear-resistant and have a service life of more than 5 years.

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