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Stainless steel faucet or leading the future bathroom market

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“The faucet material will gradually replace copper with stainless steel.” In recent years, many people in the industry have put forward such a point of view. As consumers pay more and more attention to environmental health, they are healthier, more environmentally friendly and Stainless steel faucets will become the future trend. Stainless steel faucets are an emerging product that has become more and more popular among consumers in recent years. As technology matures, it will become more and more popular, and it will Seize more market share from copper Faucets.

It is reported that many hardware and plumbing manufacturers began to develop stainless steel fauceers many years ago, but because of its hardness, toughness, solution casting and cutting processing, stainless steel is much more difficult and costly than copper.

As the manufacturing process of stainless steel faucets has gradually matured in China, stainless steel faucets have been greatly improved in terms of production and grade, and in terms of materials, stainless steel materials are healthier and more environmentally friendly, and can be recycled 100% Because of its health, environmental protection, durability and other characteristics, it has been more and more popular among consumers in recent years, and with the maturity of manufacturing technology, it will become more and more popular, occupying more market share of copper faucets , Stainless steel faucets. Will become the development trend of the future bathroom industry.

There are four main types of faucets, ie copper, PVC, cast iron, stainless steel, etc. At present, most of the high-end faucets on the domestic market use pure copper as the main raw material. According to experts, the lead Content in copper and copper faucet castings is usually 4%-8%. If the faucet is not used for a long time, the inner wall will produce green rust. The lead and other substances in it may be released into the tap water and drink Lead. High water can cause lead poisoning, which will not only affect the mental growth of the drinker, but also seriously affect the health of the body, and will have a greater impact on children.

Copper is more likely to rust, so the surface of copper products is usually plated, that is, a layer of nickel or chromium is plated on the surface, and the plating layer will gradually peel off depending on the quality and thickness of the plating. The the the the the the the the the Waste generated by electroplating is very serious to the environment.

It is understood that the surface of the stainless steel faucet does not need to be plated, and its surface only needs physical processing such as polishing and polishing, and can maintain silver luster for a long time, never rust, is more environmentally friendly and durable , and is easy to clean.

It can be seen that as long as manufacturers can pass the technical threshold of stainless steel faucet manufacturing, it is bound to bring revolutionary changes, and stainless steel faucets will naturally achieve the future.

The faucets are mainly made of stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. At this stage, the faucets for copper are similar sold, and the copper faucets are relatively good. Some of the stainless steel faucets produced today are mostly iron-plated copper and then Chrome-plated. But with the improvement of technology, the stainless steel faucet will be hotter for the future market prospects.

Taken together, manufacturers, distributors, and professionals in the industry are generally optimistic about the future of stainless steel faucets.

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