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How to install the basin?

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Basin installation precautions
1, note that depth is proportional to strength
Conventionally, the depth of the basin is proportional to the strength of the faucet water flow installed on it, that is, the deep basin can be installed with a strong water faucet. Never install a large faucet on a shallower basin at the bottom, which can cause people to splash on the water. And the bottom of the basin should have enough curvature.
2, pay attention to the height
Whether it is a stand-alone or a desktop washbasin, the height of the pool surface or countertop is 80 to 85 cm, because a too short pool can cause low back pain.
3, pay attention to the finish
The edge of the basin must be slightly higher than the countertop, but it must be smooth when it meets the countertop. The purpose is to prevent the water splashed on the countertop from being wiped back into the pool and to facilitate the cleaning of the countertop. The surface of the table itself must be made of a smooth surface, and the edges and the two corners must be rounded to avoid bumping.
4, classification of basins
It is roughly divided into two types: stand-alone and desktop. The independent style is beautiful and the floor space is small, suitable for the bathroom with little space. The tabletop basin must occupy at least one small desk space. Washing utensils can be placed on top, and a basin cabinet is placed below. If the bathroom is not large, consider installing a triangular basin in the corner.

Basin installation height
 1: What is the size of the basin?
The basin is roughly divided into a stand-alone type and a table top. Different sizes of basins are also different in size. At the same time, a variety of basins are on the market, and the size is different. When selecting a basin, be sure to choose the right size according to your actual situation. For example, the general household use 430*430*170mm is more commonly used. It is the best way to choose the size of the basin when checking the space surplus and style of the restroom.
2: The most suitable height and height for the basin cabinet
The material of the basin cabinet is generally ceramic. This material is easy to clean and the color is clean and fresh. The basin cabinets generally have a regular size. What is the height and size of the conventional basin cabinets?
Height and size of conventional washbasin cabinets:
Length 1.5m* width 0.58m* height 0.81m (including leg height 0.19m)
Sheet thickness: 6cm
Drawer length: 0.64m
The height of the drawer below the counter is generally: 15-20cm

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