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Electric faucet FAQ

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How about the hot electric faucet?

The instant electric faucet is a small kitchen appliance that can also be used in bathrooms. The instant electric faucet is small and does not take up space, which is economical and cheaper than buying a faucet and a heating device. The hot electric faucet is made of the new insulating and heat conductive material magnesia powder. It is safer to use and has no air pollution. When the switch is opened, hot water will flow out, there is no waste of cold water, and it does not need to be heated in advance. Tap water.

Instant hot water faucet can be done at any time, can get hot water at any time, not like a gas water heater, or a water storage type electric water heater, it needs a period of heating time, or a cold water waste of a pipe, only to Our hands. However, the hot faucet has large power, direct electric heating, and less safety protection measures. Unlike electric water heaters, there are multiple anti-electric wall anti-electric measures. Once this faucet leaks, the damage to the human body will be fatal. Therefore, consumers who want to use instant hot water faucets must purchase some quality hot faucets.

Electric hot water faucet FAQ

1. Is there a guarantee for the use of instant hot water faucets?

The instant electric faucet puts safety first in the design and production process, and the scientific and humanized safety six insurance ensures that it is safe to use in use:

1 Hydroelectric double-layer isolation, withstand voltage above 1500V – not afraid of the occurrence of “just in case”;
2 electrical suspension structure – from the structure to achieve “leakage does not hurt people”;
3 high-sensitivity leakage protector – use technology to protect your safety;
4 outlet grounding – traditional and reliable protection measures;
5 anti-dry design – water pressure start circuit, water supply, water and power off, effectively prevent dry burning;
6 anti-super high water pressure design – can be used in a variety of places without worries.

2. Can I install it directly on the water pipe?
Most of the water pipes belong to the 4 points, and the product is directly connected to the 4 points faucet (16-17mm in diameter).

3. What are the characteristics of fast electric hot water taps?
More convenient: ready-to-use hot water, no need to wait for the time to release the cold water of the water pipe to save water; no need to drain the cold water before use, no water waste.
More power saving: no excess hot water in the water pipe after use, more energy-saving.

4. Will the hot electric faucet burn out without water?
After the water heater is installed, if there is no water, the heating switch will not open, and the water and electricity switch is used to prevent dry burning.

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