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Type of kitchen faucet

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So how should a good kitchen faucet be selected?

Pay attention to the length of the basin and the faucet. If the kitchen is a double basin, pay attention to whether the faucet can simultaneously take care of the sink on both sides when rotating.  Now most kitchen faucets can achieve the left and right rotation of the faucet body, while the faucet part, the pull-type faucet can pull the faucet out, easy to clean to all corners of the sink

For ease of use, the kitchen faucet should be chosen to be taller, and the spout should preferably extend above the drain and not splash. If there is a hot water line in the kitchen, the faucet should also be double. To meet a variety of use needs, kitchen faucets typically rotate 360°.

Single handle mixing faucet. The hot and cold water is discharged, and a handle operation is performed with the water stop, which can adjust the operation of the hot water amount and temperature on the left and right sides of the operation type. It is widely used in the kitchen because it can be operated with one hand and is easy to use. There are many price and change designs, and most of the kitchens also use single-handle faucets.

Non-touch faucet. The drain can be stopped without touching the faucet body. A sensor is present below the position of the spout to detect the proximity of the hand and the dish, thereby controlling the discharge of water, and the faucet automatically stops when leaving. There is also a type in which the sensor is placed on the upper part of the faucet to sense the water, and the water is stopped when the action is repeated.

Touch the switch faucet. The top switch controls the drain type faucet. Touching the back of your hand or wrist makes it easy to operate even when your hands are occupied, so you can stop at any time. During the cooking process, the handle may be soiled by hand. This type of touch is only possible through the palm of your hand or the back of your hand. Because it can stop water with one button, it is excellent in water saving.

The above are just a few of the kitchen faucets introduced for you. In fact, each faucet has its own advantages, and the scenes suitable for use are not the same. Therefore, only with your own practical use, you can choose a favorite faucet.

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