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What we need to pay attention to when using faucets?

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1. Remember to wash off the water before installation. First remove the impurities in the washing water pipe to remove the impurities in the installation holes. Also check that the accessories in the packaging box do not enter the impurities, so as not to block or wear the ceramic valve core.

2. Next, use a metal hose to connect the water pipe, but you do not need to consider the installation position of the water pipe. Pay special attention to the general length of the hose is 30cm (inlet size, individual brands or hard pipes). You can use a metal hard pipe to connect the water pipe. , Then you should also buy the faucet first, and then lay the water pipe according to the length of the hard pipe of the faucet. In terms of service life, of course, the hard pipe is better than the hose. At the same time, when installing the sink faucet, if the water pipe is laid on the Above the water tank, it is best to install the wall-type water tank faucet, otherwise install the ordinary water tank faucet.

3. When we take over, the left side is hot water and the right side is cold water. The distance between the two pipes is 100mm-200mm. However, the faucet should be removed after the position of the water inlet joint is fixed, and the faucet should be installed after the wall masonry is completed, so as to prevent the surface coating of the faucet from being worn and scratched. However, when using imported products such as showers, a booster pump is installed in advance to ensure that it can produce water properly.

The faucet at home is not durable? How to choose a faucet? If you want to choose a durable and easy-to-use faucet, remember to choose a faucet based on brand, price, type and material. When you use the faucet, you should pay attention to maintenance so that the faucet is not easily damaged.

I believe that if these taps use a code of conduct, our lives will be safer and better.

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