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Cleaning method after faucet clogging

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First, vinegar cleaning
The first trick of clogging the faucet is to use vinegar reasonably. The faucet water comes from tap water. One disadvantage of tap water is that it will form a kind of sedimentation in the long run, which will cause the faucet to block, which will have a certain impact on home life. Vinegar can solve this problem without having to spend too much money to replace the faucet. Turn on the faucet, at this time you can see if the faucet is running normally, if not, then use the above method to clean it again.

Second, filter cleaning
The second trick of cleaning up clogged taps is cleaning the filter. Generally speaking, the newly installed faucet will have a layer of filter. The use of the filter is to prevent the water from splashing during the use of the faucet. As a result, the faucet is blocked, and the filter needs to be cleaned at this time.

1. Tool preparation. In the method of cleaning the clogged faucet, we must prepare the tools in advance. To clean the filter, some needles or paper clips must be prepared. If these are not available, they can be replaced by toothpicks. of.

2. Test, gently remove the filter head of the faucet, open the faucet, and see if the water flow is still small. If not, it is the problem of the filter. If the water flow is still small after removing the filter, then it is not the problem of the filter. Now, you need to check it at this time

3. Use your fingertips to remove the filter from the filter head. Be careful not to overstretch your fingertips during the acquisition process to avoid damaging the filter.

4. The filter screen usually has two layers. Use the prepared sewing needle and a knife to take the white filter screen along the edge of the filter screen. Do not use too much force when removing it. Do not dent or deform the white metal ring. Use a paper clip or toothpick to take out the internal parts of the filter one by one. Be careful at this time to go carefully to avoid damaging the internal parts.

5. Blow the filter with air, and use a toothpick to clean the dirt in the filter one by one. Rinse with water after finishing.

6. Just install the filter back in the order you removed it before.
In the small trick of cleaning and clogging the faucet, the cleaning of the filter is very simple, but it needs to be careful, because it will damage the filter.

Third, the use of cleaning agents
The last trick of clogging the faucet is to use a detergent to clean it. Generally, the faucet at home should be cleaned every three months. When cleaning the faucet stain, you need to use a neutral detergent to clean its surface, and then Wipe clean with a clean, soft cloth. The faucet can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a small brush with a cleaner. Remember to use only neutral detergents, otherwise the luster of the tap surface will be damaged.

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