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Sharing faucet surface technology

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Electroplating is the process of depositing a metal or alloy on the surface of a workpiece by electrolysis to form a thin layer of uniform, dense, and well bonded metal or alloy layer. At present, the electroplating process on the market is mainly chrome plating, Nickel plating and titanium plating.

Frist, chrome plating
Chrome plating is often used as a decorative coating for common faucet plating processes. It has very high hardness and wear resistance, good gloss, long-term gloss retention and oxidation prevention during use.,, has a strong passivation ability, and a very Thin passivation film can be formed on the surface of the workpiece, so that it is not easily changed in humid air, and can maintain its gloss appearance for a long time, in acid, corrosion and the like. It also has very stable performance.

Second, nickel plating
Nickel plating is mainly used as the bottom layer, the middle layer and the top layer of the decorative coating because of its high hardness. Moreover, metallic nickel has a strong passivation ability comparable to that of chromium, and can quickly form a very thin passivation Film on the surface of the workpiece to resist the corrosion of the atmosphere and certain acids, so the stability of the nickel coating in air. Very high. But its color is silver and yellow. For the iron matrix, it is an cathodic coating, And the void ratio is high, so the corrosion resistance of the single coating is not high.

Third, titanium alloy plating
The electroplated titanium alloy has the characteristics of high strength, low density, excellent mechanical properties, toughness and high corrosion resistance. The surface of the titanium-plated faucet is as smooth as a mirror, and its golden color makes it look like natural brass. In thermal processing, impurities such as hydrogen, nitrogen, nitrogen and the like are easily absorbed, the grinding property is not strong, and the production process is complicated.

Fourth, porcelain
Porcelain is made of alloy metal base, and then covered with low-melting porcelain powder and sintered in a high-temperature vacuum porcelain oven. The porcelain faucet combines the strength of metal with the beauty of porcelain. Its characteristics are color, realistic appearance, Smooth surface, strong wear resistance, no deformation, stable color, acid and alkali resistance. The surface of the faucet is treated by the porcelain process, and the nano liquid polymerized silicon is evenly distributed on the surface of the faucet. After high temperature treatment , a nanometer-scale film layer is obtained, which can greatly reduce the tension of the faucet ceramic surface, so that the liquid is spherical on the surface thereof. It is not easy to hang, easy to clean, fine texture and excellent hand feeling .

Fifth, baking paint
Apply primer and topcoat to the base of the faucet. Each time the paint is applied, it is sent to the dust-free temperature-temperature paint room for electric heating or high-infrared high-temperature baking to cure the paint layer. The faucet Of the piano paint for the surface treatment of the paint, the luster and delicate texture singular distinctive and infectious aesthetic features.

Sixth, Brushed  nickel
Based on the traditional surface treatment methods such as electroplating, to meet the needs of modern people, the drawing can be based on the needs of the faucet decoration, the texture of the base metal form, under the action of external forces, such as mechanical Friction (For example, the method of sanding roller is made of several textures such as straight lines, chaotic lines, threads, corrugations, swirls, continuous lines and discontinuous lines on the surface; achieving matte, mirror, three-dimensional, embossed and special The wire drawing is divided into stainless steel wire drawing, nickel wire drawing, etc., the wire drawing treatment makes the faucet visually rough, while the hand feel is very delicate, Showing a restrained beauty.

The faucet is something that everybody must touch every day. Its quality and styling are directly related to our health and aesthetics, so having a certain understanding of it is necessary for each of us.

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