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You should know before buying a faucet

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Is the material healthy?

At present, the most common faucet materials on the market are cast iron, copper, alloy, ceramic, stainless steel and so on. Cast iron faucets are gradually being eliminated due to rust, easy adhesion to microorganisms and heavy metal elements. Alloy faucets are harmful to the human body and are not durable. Copper faucets are the most widely used. It is best to choose a regular brand when purchasing to ensure that the lead content does not exceed 5 ug/L. 

In addition to the above materials, industry workers are constantly breaking through the difficulties in production technology, trying to develop healthier materials. As the first brand to pass the faucet metal pollution precipitation monitoring and certification, Jiu Mu launched the gold silicon health faucet in 2014, replacing the lead with silicon beneficial to the human body, and combining with the antibacterial copper material to abandon the traditional lead-washing process at the source. To make the safety standards better than the 2014 new national standard and the US NSF lead-free standard. This result greatly guarantees the safety of the faucet in materials.

Is the coating bright enough?
The coating not only makes the appearance of the faucet more beautiful, but also functions as an anti-corrosion and anti-rust. At the time of purchase, the surface of the plating layer can be visually observed to be bright. If the coating is too thin, the surface of the faucet is easily oxidized by air for a long time. In addition, coatings without a protective film are also susceptible to fading*. Nine animal husbandry applied PVD physical vacuum coating technology on the coating to make the surface of the faucet more wear-resistant and keep it bright and new for a long time.

Is the handle convenient?
At present, the faucets sold on the market can be classified into spiral type, wrench type, lift type and inductive type according to the switching mode. When the screw switch is turned on, it is necessary to rotate a lot of turns, which is more troublesome to use. Lifting and wrenching can be used to lift water by one lift or one turn, and the water flow can be controlled according to the angle of opening, which is convenient for hygiene. Inductive faucets automatically discharge water as long as they reach under the faucet, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria, but sometimes it is slow to respond and most of them cannot control the flow of water.

Among several types, the screw switch is inconvenient to use and prone to looseness and corrosion, so it is generally not recommended to purchase. The remaining types can be selected according to the needs of different use occasions.

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