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You need to know the knowledge of the tap

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1. The location of the faucet installation

Kitchen sink

The faucet of the kitchen sink generally chooses to have a curved pipe. The curved pipe can be rotated 360°, so that when washing vegetables and dishes, the faucet is not often touched. The pull-type faucet is currently a popular choice. There is a tube with a spring tube and a lifting tube. Since the pulling head can be taken out, it is not necessary to be limited to the water tank when cleaning, and there is a great degree of freedom.

Bathroom space

Shower area, bathtub, basin, we usually install faucets in these three positions in the bathroom. The shower area mainly uses three-way faucets, and there are two outlets; the faucet in the bathtub position generally chooses a tap that is fast, such as a waterfall faucet; the faucet of the basin is better with a double faucet, so that it is not necessary to wash the face in winter. Deliberately open the water heater to connect the hot water, and there is also an electric hot water tap on the market. When connected to the power supply, it can produce hot water, paying attention to the quick heat. Compared with the small kitchen treasure, it also saves some electricity. For the family whose kitchen sink can’t connect the water heater. It is a good choice and can also be placed in the basin position.

2. How to open the tap

According to the opening method, the faucet has a spiral type, a wrench type, a lift type, an induction type, and a pressing type.

Spiral type: It will rotate a lot of turns when it is opened, and it will be easy to loose after a long time;

Wrench type: generally need to rotate 90 degrees;

Lifting type: lift up to the top;

Inductive: no need to control the switch through the handle, but want continuous water, only the handle is always placed near the sensing area;

Press type: It is more common in public places, and it is necessary to keep water out by pressing multiple times.

The first three are more common in family use, but in fact, personal preference.

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