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What are the benefits of the faucet?

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The faucet is a product that can save water by limiting the speed of the water and the amount of water. Compared with the ordinary faucet, the water-saving faucet has the function of saving water source as the name implies. According to relevant investigations, when we use ordinary faucets to wash the face by hand, it is assumed that the time is about half a minute. The amount reaches about 6 kg. However, the water that actually holds up the face is only one-sixth, which means that the total amount is about one kilogram. So it seems that we have wasted about 5 kilograms of water.

When using the water-saving faucet, wash the face in the same way, assuming the same amount of time, the total amount of water is only about one kilogram. After comparing the water-saving faucet with the ordinary faucet, we can find that the water-saving faucet has much more water-saving than the ordinary faucet.

Tap design

The first, the water-saving faucet for the basin kitchen, is designed with a full copper plating head and copper conversion head, and has a cross-flow O-ring. According to the mechanics principle, when the O-ring is subjected to water pressure, it will be deformed. At the same time, it will have a linkage relationship with the surrounding structure, so as to achieve the effect of water saving. This kind of water-saving faucet has two kinds of water discharge methods, one is the normal bubbler water, the other is the shower water, as long as it is gently pulled, the two ways are free to choose, the larger area Water coverage. It also has a 360-degree swivel design that allows water to cover the entire sink. The use of superb mute technology, while the bubbles, greatly avoid the harsh sound. The water-saving device inside the water-saving device can effectively remove impurities in the water, and can save water while purifying the water source, and can be safely used. The user-friendly design and installation is also extremely convenient and simple.

The second model, 304 stainless steel hot and cold basin faucet, this water-saving faucet has the design of Hungarian Kailuos valve core, with the advantages of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, long life, can achieve precise control, not waste each Dripping water. With water-saving technology, imported Swiss original bubbler, the water bubble is more abundant, and it has no splash, and the water is more economical. It has a scientific design structure, exquisite workmanship and good hand feeling. This 304 stainless steel excavator is seamlessly welded, does not rust, and has high corrosion resistance. The interior and exterior of the faucet are designed with the same technology, and the inner wall is smooth and delicate, avoiding secondary pollution of water.

For the common water-saving faucet design on the market, Xiaobian introduces it here. I also hope that everyone can pay more attention to the water-saving faucet, cherish every drop of water, and save water from me.

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