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Valves is the key to heavy metal pollution in faucet

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According to the survey, consumers have a hard time choosing when choosing a faucet, and it is indeed difficult for ordinary consumers to make accurate choices based on various professional sayings about materials, processes, and spools.

There are tricks to check the spool. Consumers can feel whether the product has a damping feeling when turning the faucet handle. Good spools often have a comfortable damping feeling, and some faucets with low damping are not recommended to buy. But many consumers say that the damping is a bit as elusive as fog. How can I get such a professional damping feeling without professional testing?

The price of faucets varies greatly. What causes the price gap to be so large? Does high price mean high quality? Researchers tell us that the reason why the price of faucets will have such a large difference is mainly in the valve core. At present, most of the faucet spools on the market are ceramic, and most of them will be ceramic spools, because ceramics have good wear resistance.

The same is used for ceramic spools. Researchers explained that ceramics do have different characteristics, such as different hardness and different degrees of wear resistance. But for valve core, the most important thing is not the material, but the gap in structure and technology of the overall valve core. Good valves The core not only has high hardness, strong wear resistance, long service life, but also has better adjustment performance of the valve core, and better adjustment accuracy during use. In addition, a good valve core can still effectively prevent water leakage under high pressure. , And can also reduce the noise caused by the impact of water. In addition to the differences in materials, the most important are the differences in structure, technology and design.

So how should consumers choose when actually buying a faucet? The industry told Xiaobian that when choosing a faucet, first look at the appearance. The surface of the coating is uniform, and there should be no peeling, cracking, scorching, open bottom, peeling, dark spots, and obvious pits, burrs, etc .; the coating surface has a fine structure , Smooth, uniform color, there should be no obvious scratches and bumps and other defects; polished surface should be smooth, there should be no obvious hair scratches and bumps and other defects.

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