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How hot and cold water faucet work?

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The use of faucets can be described as a creation. Because with its invention and application, more people experience the fun and convenience of life. So what is the internal structure of the hot and cold water faucet? When the hot and cold water faucet works, which parts of it are working?

Working principle of hot and cold water inlet
The main hot and cold water faucet shall be composed of a handle, a valve core, a water inlet braided pipe and installation accessories. The working principle of the ceramic valve core: In general, the bottom of the ceramic valve core is composed of three holes, one of which is for cold water in and out, the other for hot water, and the remaining one for water inside the valve core. The faucet spool has sealing rings on both the cold and hot holes to ensure that it is in a sealed state with the main body. After the main body of the hot and cold water inlet pipe is connected, ensure that the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe pipe correspond to the two holes of the spool. The valve core mainly controls the opening and closing states of the two holes and relies on the movement of two ceramic plates to work.

The handle switch moves the valve stem to move the ceramic sheet, and the left and right holes are sealed. At this time, no water enters the valve core. The ground seal of the valve core allows water flow to pass through the valve core to enter the main water outlet channel. In this way, no water enters the valve core, and then no water flows out of the pipeline. This is the closed state of the water pipe, the faucet structure and working principle.

What is the principle of hot and cold water faucet? In fact, the hot and cold water faucet is also called “mixed water faucet”, that is, a faucet that mixes cold and hot water together and can adjust the water temperature. The principle is to use a highly accurate ceramic or steel valve core inside the faucet to control the water output. In this way, when the faucet is used, the cold water and hot water will appear in different directions.

When we twisted the faucet to the state of water outlet, the ceramic piece was moved to make the upper hole completely open and the right hole completely closed. In this way, cold water cannot enter the valve core, hot water enters the valve core, and a small space in the six-way valve core is shown by irregular recessed holes in the ceramic plate. After flowing into the main body through the holes below, this is how hot water works in and out. Open the handle to the right to cold water, and the middle hot and cold water pipe channel opens at the same time, and the outflow is warm water.

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