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[Faucet] What are the types of faucets? Recommended five types of faucets in life

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Water is the source of life. The faucets used in different types of water in life are not the same. The existence of faucets greatly promotes the efficiency of water use and water conservation. Do you know the types of faucets? What brand of faucet is it?

According to the material: 304 stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, brass, zinc alloy material faucet, polymer composite faucet.According to the opening method: it can be divided into spiral type, wrench type, lift type and inductive type.According to the valve core: can be divided into rubber core (slow open valve core), ceramic valve core (fast open valve core) and stainless steel valve core.According to function: faucet can be divided into basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink faucet and electric faucet (porcelain electric faucet)According to the structure: the faucet can be divided into single-type, double-type and triple-type faucets. In addition, there are single handles and double handles.

Faucet selection tips

The importance of faucets for the daily life of the family is not necessary, and the current faucet market is varied and varied. What kind of faucet is suitable for your own home? In fact, we can choose the faucet from the function we need. The following small series will introduce you to the purchase knowledge of the three types of faucets that we often have in our lives.

Kitchen faucet
The kitchen faucet is the sink faucet, which is generally used for cooking before meals and for cleaning dishes after meals. It is recommended to choose a faucet with copper as the main body, a brighter surface, and a uniform color. When purchasing, you can try to pull a few switches to see if the parts are firm, then the material of the valve core should be selected to use ceramic sheets. Finally, select the faucet with large water volume and softer.

The shower faucet is undoubtedly the faucet used in the bath. This faucet requires automatic constant water temperature. When the effluent temperature is set as needed, the effluent temperature can be quickly reached and automatically constant, and the temperature difference is within ±2 °C. . In addition, the shower faucet has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, one-way check valve and self-contained filter. These are all for the normal working service of constant temperature and water.

Basin faucet
The basin faucet is the faucet that we use in daily cleaning. Now it is more popular hot and cold water faucet that can switch between hot and cold water. The quality of the basin faucet is judged by the ease of the provided water flow and whether it is convenient to switch when in use. When purchasing, the main look is whether the surface plating of the faucet is brilliance, whether the handle is smooth or not, and the brand and after-sales service.

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