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What is the role of the spool?

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Most of the faucets are made of special bubblers on the water-saving appliances. The water will not splash. When water is saved, the aerobic water with bubbles has better flushing power and comfort. When purchasing, you can test the water first to see if the water shows bubbles. Also consider its combination with sanitary ware to see if the model is correct. The price of the faucet is high, but it is still economical in the long run. Choose the water-saving faucet, in addition to picking your favorite faucet shape, you must pay special attention to the quality of the spool.

The best is the faucet made of ball valve, which is the industry’s best water-saving product. In particular, stainless steel ball valves and copper ball valves can control the water temperature to ensure that hot water flows out quickly and accurately, saving water and energy.

The spool is a valve component that relies on its movement to achieve the basic functions of directional control, pressure control or flow control. The control of any faucet requires a spool. For the faucet, the quality of the spool is an important basis for the quality evaluation of the faucet. It can be said that the most important factor affecting the quality of the faucet is the spool.

Type of faucet spool

Common faucet spools have steel ball spools and ceramic spools. The steel ball valve core has good resistance to pressure, but the defect is that the rubber sealing ring which is used for sealing is easy to wear and will soon age. Compared with the steel ball valve core, the ceramic valve core is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant. The ceramic valve core itself has an excellent sealing function, so that it can reach a high number of open-opening times without causing the nozzle to drip due to the wear of the valve core. The ceramic valve core faucet is also more comfortable and smooth, and is open and closed.

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