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What causes the faucet to turn on the faucet to release the colored water

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Common causes of red water and black water

Red water is the most common color water. After the aging of the iron water pipeline, the inner wall will corrode, and the rust will be washed out when the flow rate of the water supply is restored or the water flow rate fluctuates greatly. The trivalent iron is brownish red, so the faucet appears. The water is red water.

In addition, there is drinking water with groundwater as the water source. When the iron content of the surrounding soil is particularly high, the iron in the water will be oxidized to trivalent iron, making the water be red.

Black water is mainly caused by manganese oxide manganese dioxide. The manganese in the tap water is oxidized and deposited on the pipe wall, and the water becomes black after falling off. Because red and black water often occur at the same time. The color of the water is brown or brownish yellow.

With the increase in the transformation of the water supply pipe network in recent years, the newly completed buildings have become less colored due to corrosion of water pipes. However, the corrosion of pipes in old buildings is still very serious, and with the age of the years, if the pipeline is not modified, the corrosion phenomenon will intensify day by day.

Other causes of heterochromatic color
Sometimes we will find that the water in the bathtub and white porcelain cup will have a light yellow-green color. The occurrence of this situation is usually related to the excessive content of organic matter in the water. This situation is more common in summer. For example, if the raw water is contaminated by organic matter, or if the water tower or the water tank contains a large amount of green algae, the color of the water flowing out of the faucet will be yellowish and green.

In addition, in household water, if there is dissolved copper in the copper tube in the water heater, it will react with the fatty acid in the soap to form a blue substance. However, this phenomenon rarely occurs, and it takes place for a short period of time.

In summary, we can find that the water that is transparent and colorless in the faucet has become colored water, mainly due to the secondary pollution of the water supply pipe network. With the upgrading and upgrading of the current water pipe network, this has become less and less common. If you are not at ease, you can install a faucet water purification system at home. This will be more secure for water quality.

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