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How to install the faucet?

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Steps for installing the faucet:
(Before you install the faucet, prepare tools and accessories, such as wrenches, pliers, new faucets, hoses, rubber gaskets, etc.)

In the first step, don’t forget to turn off the total sluice. Otherwise, it is estimated that the faucet will be dumped, so remember to turn off the water at home. Then take out the adjustable wrench or pliers and turn the old or bad faucet in the counterclockwise direction. At this time you will find that only the water pipe is left.

The second step is not to rush to put the new faucet on, first take the clear water to clean the sand magazine and the debris in the water pipe, because the faucet will accumulate some sediment after a long time, if it is not cleaned, it will be blocked for a long time. Water pipes, and the new water pipes will not be good.

The third step is to use a raw material tape to wind a few turns on the thread of the faucet to prevent the faucet from leaking.

The fourth step is to screw the newly purchased faucet in the clockwise direction on the water pipe connection. Remember to tighten the point to prevent water leakage. Finally, you can open the total water valve and try it out.

When using the faucet in life, pay attention to maintenance. For example, slowly unscrew it and slowly close it. Don’t screw it too hard. You can clean the faucet regularly to ensure the life of the faucet.

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