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To identify the quality of the faucet

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If you want to solve the problem that the bathroom water dragon is often not good, the best way is to buy a good quality faucet and then pay attention to the maintenance process. I believe that the life of the bathroom faucet will last a long time. So how do you identify the quality of a bathroom faucet? 

faucet quality identification method: material.

Pure copper faucets will not appear water-alkali, high-quality copper materials will not cause harm to the human body, in line with the environmental protection concept, in line with the development needs of the world, pure copper faucets can let you drink water, water is cleaner and healthier. You can change the quality by hand when determining if it is pure copper. The quality of pure copper is heavier. Some relatively low-cost materials look similar to pure copper. Sellers often say that they are made of pure copper. But with one hand, you can try to make a difference.

faucet quality identification method: valve core.

The faucets sold on the market are basically ceramic spools. The main difference in price is whether the faucet contains a foreign imported ceramic valve core or a household ceramic valve core. Due to the machining accuracy of the materials and parts of the two ceramic spools. The difference is that it is also directly related to the life of the faucet.

faucet quality identification method: size.

Before buying, you must confirm the purchase of the base basin, the upper basin, and the undercounter basin are several holes, usually one hole, two holes, three holes, when the hole distance is 100 mm, 150 mm 200 Mm, please select the matching faucet.

faucet quality identification method: appearance.

The surface of the faucet should be evenly applied. Pay attention to whether there are cracks, defects such as bottom, peeling, black spots and depressions; the surface of the spray should be fine, smooth and uniform. Pay attention to whether there is suspension current and exposed bottom. Affect the service life of the tap

I hope to help you buy high-quality bathroom faucets and avoid the trouble caused by the frequent faucets.

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