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Precautions for wall-mounted faucets

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1. There are not many fittings that need to be placed in the wall for flush installation of faucets, but generally cannot be replaced after the fittings are installed. Therefore, it is best to choose some high-quality products, which requires this type before purchasing. Have a good understanding of the faucets and accessories.

2. When choosing a faucet, try it as much as possible. The main thing is to try whether the switch handle is smooth. You can’t just choose beautiful styles and ignore the practicality of the product. When high-quality faucets are generally switched, they are not smooth. Resistance, but poor quality faucets do not have this feature; In addition, if you choose an inductive wall-mounted faucet, you must try whether the sensor switch is sensitive, you must know that many sensor faucets on the market have very poor sensor sensitivity, Not only does it not save water, it is also inconvenient to use.

3. The size of the wall-mounted faucet is fixed. After installation, whether it is useful or not depends on the size of the basin, bathtub, etc., so when buying, you must first understand the basin and bathtub in your kitchen space. The distance from the wall, when selecting the faucet in this way, you can accurately select the length of the faucet. It is required that the position of the faucet faucet cannot be close to the edge of the basin or bathtub, otherwise it will affect the convenience of use.

4. When choosing this type of faucet, it is recommended to choose a faucet made of copper or ceramic valve core, because it has good sealing performance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. In short, its service life is quite long.

5. Try to choose a regular sanitary ware manufacturer to purchase. Once the wall-mounted faucet is renovated, it is not easy to replace or repair. Therefore, after purchase, the after-sales service must be written into the contract to ensure subsequent use.

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