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90% of people are doing this life-threatening habit

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The next night in the faucet, it is best not to wash it directly or boil it, but open the faucet and let it water for 1 to 3 minutes. The overnight water that is released can be collected to wash the bathroom, wash the mop, water the flowers, and so on.

 Reasons why water cannot be used overnight
(1) The faucet overnight water may harbor Legionella that causes pneumonia
Recent studies have confirmed that Legionella can be separated from water samples from lakes, restaurants, hospitals, and household tap water pipes, and the overnight water in the faucet is also likely to harbor Legionella. Once infected, people are most likely to develop Legionella pneumonia.
Legionella pneumonia is an infectious disease caused by Legionella pneumophila, which is mainly characterized by pneumonia and may be associated with other systemic damage outside the lungs. The number of cases found in China is increasing day by day and has received widespread attention. Legionella pneumonia is the most severe form of atypical pneumonia, with a mortality rate of up to 45% without effective treatment.

(2) Long-term drinking water in the water pipe may lead to lead poisoning
The tap water in the faucet and the water pipe that is deactivated overnight is static. These waters will react with the metal pipe wall and the metal chamber of the faucet to form a metal-contaminated water, and the residual microorganisms in the tap water will also multiply. Contains a lot of substances harmful to the human body.
If you use a poor quality faucet, the lead content in the “overnight water” will be seriously exceeded. Experts reminded that the pipe network from the water meter to the faucet, that is, the water pipe behind the water meter is paid by the user himself, and the material should be selected.
After the lead enters the human body, except for some excretion through the feces and sweat, the other part dissolves into the blood after a few hours and invades the brain nerve tissue through the blood, so that the supply of nutrients and oxygen is insufficient, causing brain tissue damage, causing anemia of the human body and headache. , dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, constipation and sore limbs; some have metallic taste in the mouth, arteriosclerosis, peptic ulcer and fundus bleeding are also related to lead pollution.
If the child is poisoned by lead, there will be developmental delay, loss of appetite, inconvenient walking and constipation, and insomnia; if it is a primary school student, it is accompanied by symptoms such as hyperactivity, hearing impairment, inattention, and mental retardation; especially when the child is in the stage of growth and development, Lead is more sensitive than adults, and lead into the body has a strong affinity for the nervous system, so the absorption of lead is several times higher than that of adults, and the degree of damage is particularly serious. If lead enters the pregnant woman’s body, it will pass through the placental barrier, affecting fetal development, causing deformity, etc., and even leading to premature birth and miscarriage of pregnant women.

After reading the above content, do you think that there is danger in life? For the health of your life, please use water reasonably!

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