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How to choose a water-saving shower?

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The shower is one of the three major water products in the bathroom. Every time you bathe, you will waste water and gas. Therefore, a water-saving shower is your best choice for fashion and environmental protection. It can adjust the water pressure. Achieve water-saving effects and save bathing water while improving the bathing experience. How to choose the water shower?

The first step: see the water function: supercharged shower
The water-saving pressurized shower head keeps the water pressure stable and balances the water volume, which can not only boost the water but also save water, and enhance the bathing experience. The principle of water-saving shower is intelligent current limiting. The water inlet area is automatically adjusted according to the water pressure, and the oxygen content of air and water is increased.

The second step: Look at the appearance and material: ceramic spool
Observe that the appearance and material of the shower are mainly the valve core and the plating layer. The brighter and more delicate the shower surface, the better the processing of the coating. A good spool is made of a very hard ceramic that is smooth and wear resistant. High-quality showers generally use all-copper tubes, and the copper tube knocks sounds crisp.

The third step: comparing the price of the shower: value for money
Many people think that the more expensive the shower, the better the performance, in fact, this is wrong. When buying a shower, in addition to comparing the price, we must also compare the specific functions, try to choose a cost-effective product, in order to get value for money.

Water tap selection method
The faucet is also one of the sanitary wares with more water. Especially for the homes with the elderly and children, it is inevitable that the faucets are often used. A water-saving faucet can easily solve the problem of water consumption. The faucet filter can make the water full of delicate and skin-friendly foam, and it can save water. The following three steps teach you how to choose a water-saving faucet.

First step: spool and coating: stainless steel ball valve, copper ball valve
The valve core is the most important part of the faucet. It has strong wear resistance and good sealing performance. At present, the best water saving is the faucet made of ball valve, especially the stainless steel ball valve and copper ball valve, which can control the water temperature. It saves water and energy.

The second step: Consider environmental protection: foam water saving
The principle of the water tap is to add a special bubbler to the faucet. The water will not splash and save water. The bubble can enhance the affinity of the water wash. When purchasing, you can first check or ask the customer service whether the water flow shows bubbles. Also consider its mix and shape you like.

The third step: appearance and quality: aluminum alloy and stainless steel chrome
Generally, according to the quality level, there are several types: titanium alloy products, copper chrome plating products, stainless steel chrome plating products, aluminum alloy chrome plating products, and iron chrome plating products. Aluminum and stainless steel chrome faucets are sufficient for general households.


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